Outdoor Burning Regulations

Outdoor Burning Regulations are designed to reduce the likelihood that burning will create a nuisance, cause a hazard, or harm the environment. The party responsible for the burn remains liable for damages, injuries, or other consequences that may result from burning, even when it is carried out in compliance with these regulations.

  1. Notify the Travis County ESD #1 before carrying out any prescribed or controlled burns by calling (512)267-1551 and give the following:
    1. Your Name
    2. Address of the burn
    3. Contact phone number
    4. Materials being burned
  2. Burn only outside the corporate limits of a city or town, unless the incorporated city or town has an ordinance that permits burning or requires a permit to burn. Contact your city or town for more information.
  3. Only burn when the wind direction and other weather conditions are such that the smoke and other pollutants will not present a hazard to any public road, landing strip, or navigable water (e.g., lake, river, stream, or bay) or have an adverse effect on any off-site structure containing "sensitive receptors" (e.g., a residence, business, farm building, or greenhouse).
  4. Keep fires downwind of or at least 300 feet away from any neighboring structure that contains sensitive receptors. This requirement may be waived only with the prior written approval of whoever owns or rents the adjacent property and either resides or conducts business there.
  5. Begin burning no earlier than one hour after sunrise and no later than one hour before sunset the same day.
  6. Make sure that a responsible party is present at all times during burning.
  7. Make sure fire is completely out before leaving it unattended.
  8. Make sure you have some sort of fire suppression device (extinguisher, water hose, water bucket) to prevent the unintentional spread of the fire.