It is Travis County Emergency Services District #1's philosophy that, in order to attract and retain employees, we must provide an overall compensation package that recognizes Longevity, contributions and achievements. This includes monetary and non-monetary benefits that create the total compensation package we offer our employees. We value employees who are actively involved and committed to helping our community and advancing the services we provide. Travis County Emergency Services District #1 has some of the highest trained and professional employees that are committed to go above and beyond what's expected to better serve the community. A team of this caliber deserves a benefits package that compliments their commitment, which is why we are proud to offer quality pay and benefit plans that suit the needs of our employees.

Starting Pay Education Pay
Firefighter/EMT-B $36,400.00 Associate Degree $20/month
Firefighter/EMT-P $42,200.00 Bachelors Degree $30/month
Longevity Pay $60/ x year of service Masters Degree ???/month
Certification Pay
TCFP Firefighter Intermediate $10/month TCFP HAZMAT Incident Command $20/month
TCFP Firefighter Advanced $15/month TCFP HAZMAT Technician $20/month
TCFP Firefighter Master $20/month Driver/Operator Pumper TCFP $20/month
Incident Safety Officer $20/month Driver/Operator Aerial PB $20/month
Fire Inspector $15/month Wildland Firefighter Type I $10/month
Fire Investigator $15/month Wildland Firefighter Intermediate $15/month
Fire Instructor I $10/month TCFP ARFF $10/month
Fire Instructor II $15/month TCFP Marine Firefighter $10/month
Fire Instructor III $25/month Peace Officer TCLOE $25/month
Fire Officer I $10/month Fire Officer III $20/month
Fire Officer II $15/month Fire Officer IV $25/month
Texas Fire Chief CFE $20/month CFO Designation $20/month
Texas Fire Chief CFE $20/month EFO Designation $20/month

Employee Benefits
100% District paid Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability and Basic Life Insurance
50% District paid dependent Medical, Dental and Vision
Employee Assistance Program
Retirement Plan - TCDRS 6% w/ District Matched 1.5 to 1
10 District holidays per year paid at 1 1/2 x hourly rate when worked
Vacation leave at 6+ hours per pay period
Sick leave at 6 hours per pay period